Smiling portrait of Hope Thomas, a Senior Client Advisor at Deeley Insurance Group.

Deeley Insurance Group Recognizes Outstanding Client Advisor Hope Thomas

Deeley Insurance Group is pleased to announce Hope Thomas as the agency’s Top Client Advisor for the Month of February. The distinction is awarded to the associate with the strongest sales performance, and this marks the fifth time in 12 months that Thomas has been named Deeley’s Top Advisor. Thomas joined Deeley in October 2016,…


Who is on Your Board?

Getting volunteers to serve on the Board of a Community Association can be difficult. After weeding out the people who may have joined for personal agendas, you are left with a few dedicated individuals who selflessly give of their time, knowledge and energy to run the association. Even with professional management, running a community association…

A man looking at documents pertaining to a house sale agreement. Focus on a model house on top of documents in the foreground, while the man - sitting at a table and studying the agreement papers - is defocused beyond.

Fannie Mae Loan Requirements

What’s happening? Effective 2/7/2024, new guidelines were rolled out regarding condo master insurance policies in relation to conforming loans with Fannie Mae. The Issues Replacement Cost Value The master property insurance policy must provide for claims to be settled on a replacement cost basis. Property insurance policies that provide for claims to be settled on…

Residential electrical box, open to reveal circuit breakers inside.

Mandatory Recommendations – Electrical Panels, Trimming Trees, Fire System Inspections…

The insurance renewal is completed, the coverage is procured, and the Board and management let out a collective sigh of relief.    Due to market conditions, many communities are changing carriers. When writing new property, or every few years, carriers will send a Risk Inspector out to view what they are insuring and make sure the building…

Exterior of attractive two-story home in residential neighborhood.

Enforcement of Community Association Laws: Federal, State, Local and Community 

In Community Associations, there is a Best Practice to not enact any rule you cannot enforce. When contemplating rules for community harmony, Boards and management also must contemplate who will enforce the regulation and what penalty will come to the rule breaker.    In October 2023, Maryland Community Associations were required to complete reserve studies and…

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Condominiums & Coastal Property Insurance Market Outlook

What We’re Seeing Locally We’re still in a hard market, but we’re seeing reasons to be optimistic as we progress through 2024. While we’re still seeing premium increases, they seem to be smaller percentages than last year. So far in 2024, we are seeing 15-30% increases versus last year’s 30-150% increases. Increases for habitational buildings…

Exterior of large two-story brick home with two-car garage. Large blue recycling bins at the roadside and deep blue skies all around.

Tips for Home Insurance Buyers in 2024

While most significant factors, such as weather conditions, climate change and economic inflation, are out of the control of homeowners, policyholders must still consider steps they can take to mitigate rising premiums and find any potential savings that may be available. Retaining adequate insurance protection is vital for financial security, even during difficult times. Consider…