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Ever lose a bid because of your workers’ compensation experience mod? It can feel like you’ve lost control of your ability to compete in an already tough industry. The construction industry is growing. It’s busy here on the East Coast, and there is a big opportunity for contractors who know how to mitigate risk and leverage workers’ comp training/education tools.

We’re Builders, Too

We build contractors insurance programs that address the risks you face every day—and the exposures you could confront in the future. We build your safety and training arsenal. We build your confidence so you can lead your business toward better experience mod ratings and more opportunities to do your work. We know, every unforeseen incident puts your reputation on the line. So, we work with you to develop safety programs to prevent losses from occurring.

Supporting Your Construction Business

We want to do more than insure you against worst-case-scenarios. We’re here to help you grow forward and thrive. That means addressing risks like pollution and professional liability. We also write policies that safeguard your capital—equipment that is costly to purchase, operate and repair. Of course, workers compensation and vehicle coverage are musts. We can walk you through what you’ll need to protect your business.

Let’s Talk.

We’ll meet you on site. Tell us about your projects—your people. We’ve got ideas for you. 410.213.5600 or info@deeleyinsurance.com.

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