Because Giving Back Matters.

We all look for purpose in life—a reason, besides getting a paycheck, for the work we do. We want to make a difference, even in the smallest ways. Actually, we realize that the small stuff can make a big impact on others’ lives. So, we go forward each day with a positive attitude, looking for ways to do good—to be better. How did we turn these giving ideas into reality at Deeley Insurance Group?

Deeley Serves at Work

We established a charitable organization, Deeley Serves. We know that our staff values the time they spend volunteering in the community. For many, the time they dedicate to local nonprofits and other groups is their top passion. They bring this enthusiasm into the workplace by organizing activities and encouraging other employees to take part.  Deeley Serves is dedicated to improving the lives of others in the communities. Our leaders, sales team, service specialists—every employee at Deeley—work together, hand in hand, to give back. It’s a cross-department, cultural effort. We’re all in.

Our Mission Statement

We aim to give back to this wonderful community we live and work in, through agency efforts as well as individual employee initiatives.

A Helping Spirit

Each year, employees nominate charities to consider sponsoring and then vote for their top three choices to support. The volunteer initiatives are all employee-led, and are driven by the values of compassion, kindness and service.

  • Past volunteer activities have included helping organize cookouts for children affected by serious illnesses and their families, collecting pet supplies and participating in various fundraising activities throughout the year.
  • Deeley employees have the ability to earn time off to volunteer during their workday. This allows employees to support organizations that are meaningful to them.

A Giving Heart

Deeley Gives, a component of Deeley Serves, is a committee that awards one-time donations to local causes which are in need of immediate funding. This fund has helped employees and their relatives with medical expenses, rebuilding after a home fire and running a 5K for Down’s Syndrome.

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