Home is so much more than the four walls that hold your memories and the property you mow every week. It’s not just a house. There’s so much wrapped into “home.” We’re talking about your life and the insurance to cover all of the what-ifs. At Deeley Insurance Group, we wrap together homeowner’s insurance with other critical coverages like auto and life insurance. We create a total package that will be there fro you when you need it most. That way, you can enjoy home and everything that happens there without worry.

What If?

This might be our favorite question to ask. What if there’s a fire? What if water damages your home, or someone breaks in and steals your belongings? What if you back your car into the garage door? (It happens.) What if… Well, you get the idea. By sitting down with you and asking all kinds of questions, we can learn where there is exposure to risk so we can design a comprehensive homeowner’s insurance policy.

We insure that, too. We grew up here on the East Coast—this is home. Owners who invest in a vacation property count on our team to protect their Maryland and Delaware second homes. We provide a la cart homeowner’s policies for coastal vacation homes—and we can bundle those with other insurance policies. We know you may have an insurance provider for a main home elsewhere. If you invested in a home here, call us so we can share our insight with you.

Let’s Talk.

We promise, homeowners’ insurance can be simple—if you entrust in a knowledgeable team that truly understands your property, potential exposures and what matters most to you. Give us a call. 410.213.5600 or [email protected].

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