Insurance Is Personal

It’s about your life. Your milestones. What you’ve worked for and what’s ahead.

Insurance is a security blanket that allows you to go after your dreams and live without worry. When your teen gets a license to drive, we bring a measure of protection. We safeguard your home, condominium and vacation home. And don’t forget the boat. (We could very well be your life-saver.) Because there’s nothing more precious than our families, we offer comprehensive life insurance products to help care for the people you love the most.

Close to You

Our team takes the time to get to know you. (After all, this is personal insurance we’re talking about.) Over the near-century we’ve been in business, we have gotten to know generations of clients who feel comfortable picking up the phone any time so we can help.

Independent as You Are

You’ve got a life of your own—and we sit down with you to hear exactly what matters to you. We want you to associate Deeley Insurance Group with a face, a real person who speaks your language. We are independently owned and operated, rooted in the community since 1929. This is our home, too. So, we’re kind of protective of our clients, who become an extension of our family. You can count on us to build a competitively priced policy and explain it in plain language so you actually understand what you’re getting.

Ask Us Anything

Insurance can get complicated, but deciphering the jargon buried in thick policies isn’t your job. We’re here to educate—and advise. We cut through the fat and simplify insurance to make it real, personal and flexible to accommodate your changing life.

Find out how we customize personal insurance products so you can go out and do your thing in life. 410.213.5600 or [email protected].

Your Personal Insurance Group

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