Who Cares

We do—about you. Because in the Human Services business, you’re caring for others every waking hour, and you’re probably thinking about it when you’re not on duty. You are the provider, the healer, the support and the safety net. But who’s taking care of your organization? Deeley Insurance Group partners with a range of human services organizations. We protect you from the unexpected so you can do your good work without worry.

We’re Not in the Band-Aid Business

We’re more the preventive medicine type. We like to prevent injuries to your bottom line, reputation and operations. That means understanding where risks lie in a human services agency—and there are many. There are workplace accidents and worst-case-scenarios like allegations of abuse or improper care. Your focus is on caring for others, but that exposes you to all kinds of scenarios that don’t exactly bring out the best of human nature. We’re on your side as advisors, advocates and insurance specialists that can tailor a risk management strategy to protect your business—before the boo-boos happen.

A Human Touch

We design comprehensive insurance programs for a range of human service organizations:

  • Eldercare – nursing homes, assisted living, adult day care
  • Mental health services
  • Daycare centers
  • Addiction treatment centers
  • Group homes – transitional and emergency housing
  • Advocacy and outreach groups
  • Outpatient medical facilities
  • Home health care
  • Hospice

Let’s Talk.

We’ll take care of you while you take care of others. 410.213.5600 or [email protected].

Your Human Services Group

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Senior Resource Advisor
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Megan Muller, CIC

Senior Client Advisor
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