Whether your idea of fun is cruising the land or water, we’ll provide the protection you need to pursue your hobbies with peace of mind. We know you’d rather spend your time doing what matters—not reading through complex insurance policies. That’s where we come in. Deeley Insurance Group makes insurance simple and tailors boat, RV and motorcycle insurance products for your lifestyle.


We know the local waters—we work, play, paddle, surf, boat, and waterski here, and we’ve run aground of our fair share of sandbars. We’ve had that pit in our stomach when the waves rise up over the docks and pound the shoreline. We bring you coverage to protect you from the storms.

  • Vessel specific insurance is designed for different types of watercraft.
  • We work with a range of carriers so we can design a program that is best for you.
  • We have boat insurance, too! Our people spend time on the Maryland coast and waterways. We’ll make sure you get the boat insurance policy you need.


Life’s a trip when you’ve got an RV—a recreational vehicle opens up endless travel opportunities. But there are risks on the road. We want to know your travel plans. (Not because we’re coming along—though feel free to invite us.) It’s because when we understand who’s behind the wheel and where you hope the road will take you, we can consider potential risks and provide stopgap RV coverage. We want to say, with confidence, “Happy Trails!”


It’s a lifestyle—a passion. But like anything with an engine and wheels, there are what-ifs. Motorcycle insurance is different than auto policies, and we’d love to explain why that is. Talk to one of our insurance specialists who can identify what type of motorcycle coverage you need—and why.

Let’s Talk.

How do you like to spend your free time—on the water, on the road or exploring the country by vehicle? Fill us in so we can make sure you have an insurance policy that suits your lifestyle. Call 410.213.5600 or email [email protected].

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