Working For Your Benefit

At Deeley Insurance Group, we do more than just write workers’ compensation policies. Our process begins with a thorough assessment of your business and potential risks. We take into account your history of workplace injuries and accidents, and the type of industry you’re in. We design education and training programs—a safety took kit you can put to work to prevent accidents. We wrap the policy with support on the claims side, with human resources consulting and diligent claims processing.

Gain Control of Your Workers’ Comp Rate

Your loss experience impacts what you’ll pay for workers’ compensation insurance, which is why we take a proactive approach with safety education so you can keep rates down. You can control your rates—by creating a safer work environment. Beyond that, we’ll make sure you are properly classified come time for your annual premium audit. This includes reviewing records so you can get the best payroll calculations and classes. Because your experience mod (E-mod) impacts rates, we work with you to be sure it accurately reflects your claims. Feel better already?

Workers’ Comp that Works for You

Improve your E-mod rating, ramp up safety and get advice from an insurance professional who gets it. We know that workers’ comp costs can put a dent in your bottom line. We’ll stop that from happening. Give us a call. 410.213.5600 or [email protected].

Your Workers Compensation Group

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