Tone Up Your Benefits

Wellness works. When organizations encourage healthy lifestyles and support that with workable, engaging wellness offerings that supplement traditional employee benefits, we see incredible outcomes. We’re talking about a workforce that doesn’t hit the snooze button after lunch and instead revs up after a walk. We’re speaking about “the numbers” (on the scale, from your cholesterol check). We also see improved productivity, less absenteeism and better profitability.

Turn Sick Days into Vacation Time

Don’t we really want our people to use PTO days for a trip rather than a doctor’s visit? We can show you how, by programming wellness into your workplace with initiatives that are fun, fit and fiscally advantageous. We sit down with you to review your benefits history and talk to your people about what changes they want to make in life. This is a team effort. We’re not just your cheerleader, we’re a coach with a game plan to make wellness (and lower premiums!) stick.

Are You In?

Good. Here’s what we’ll give you to jumpstart wellness and complement your employee benefits package.

  • Wellness strategy
  • Claim analytics, risk scores and ROI tracking
  • Resources like employee wellness campaigns
  • Wellness program templates
  • A wellness library of resources—case studies, best practices, tools
  • Advice for engaging third-party wellness vendors
  • Motivation!

We’ll Keep You Accountable.

But first, we want to sit down and talk about what your goals are so we can craft a wellness strategy that speaks to your people. 410.213.5600 or

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Client Advisor, Life and Health
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