Get Clarity.

Insurance can be complicated. But with any complicated set of rules, the only thing that matters is what applies to you. Compliance is more of an actionable process than it is a plan.  We build the process together – delivering the action items within the plan is where we get to work.  When the IRS or the DOL needs information on a plan that we represent for you, we are your partners in delivering on those requirements.

Understand This.

Compliance begins with understanding what’s expected. It’s like the rules to any game.  You cannot get started in executing a plan, if you don’t know how to comply with the rules. All good plans should be built on a solid compliance platform.  We take this approach to employee benefits compliance, coaching and leading you through what’s what.

  • Our experts are here. They’re available to meet with you in person, on the phone or however you want to communicate. They speak plain language so you’ll leave the conversation understanding the laws and rules.
  • You’ll get a checklist.  But that checklist will outline what is being done for you, as opposed to tasking you to do the work.
  • Constant updates. You’ve heard that the benefits world is ever-changing. This is true. We stay on top of it and keep you informed.

Need a Translator?

We can’t help you with the technical manual to your copy machine, but we’ll gladly sit down and simplify employee benefits compliance. Ask us anything. 410.213.5600 or

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