People First.

This is how we approach employee benefits, because what matters more to you than anything is the people who support your every day. Every shift. Every position. Every employee that clocks in or rises to leadership at your business is an asset that deserves protection—and respect.

We Listen

What you won’t get from Deeley Insurance Group is a platform or pre-made benefits package that forces you to conform to our way. This is about your people—your benefits. We meet each of your team members where they are by delivering right-sized, personalized benefits that go to work in those moments when they need them the most.

We Do the Work

There are no preconceived conclusions used to dictate what is right for your plan or for your employees. Building a plan starts with doing the analysis.  There is almost always room for improvement, but that improvement should be driven by your goals and objectives.  Not by the objectives of the insurance carrier or representatives.  We take a global approach to analyzing all aspect of your plan and we don’t stop until we have reviewed the smallest of details within your plans.  Employee benefits and the related compliance can be described as an administrative grind, we are built for the grind.  We don’t stop working, the process is not transactional but an ongoing partnership.

There’s Nothing More Personal Than Employee Benefits

That’s why we handle this type of insurance with great care. We’re there for your employees when they’re adding a newborn to the policy or retiring to the next phase of life—during personal crises that trigger a need for the benefits you provide them through Deeley Insurance Group. We believe that employee benefits are one way to show people—they matter. And they’ll feel that when benefits are communicated and delivered with care. Even in today’s dynamic and highly technical world, this is possible.

Do Employee Benefits Differently

We’re not about to talk to you about benefits packages here. Instead, explore:

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